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  Mace Method

The Mace Energy Method (MEM)

The Mace Energy Method (MEM) is a powerful tool used for emotional healing that is having a remarkable effect on peoples’ lives.

It permanently frees you from the emotional effects of unwanted experiences, no matter what they were, allowing you to take back charge of your life.

This simple but extraordinarily effective therapy will allow you to regain control of your life and find the real you. Not only can it put you on the path to emotional and psychological health and eliminate the stress that underlines many physical health problems, it can also lead to a marked improvement in your general health, well being and confidence.

It’s simply about removing the negatives in your life and allowing your true self to emerge. With that comes all your potential. What makes MEM unique is its simplicity, it does not involve any self disclosure and only requires one or two sessions that can also be carried out over the telephone.

Imagine your life free from hidden blocks and limitations that hold you back.

MEM - A Paradigm Shift In Counselling Techniques

The result of over 50 years of independent research that ignored conventional beliefs and theories this dedicated work is a SCIENTIFIC EXAMINATION OF LIFE. The research has produced an entirely revolutionary body of knowledge, including a unique counselling method. It describes the human spirit as a Human Energy Unit, hence its name, MACE ENERGY METHOD COUNSELLING.

The Mace Energy Method Counselling works by the client using a series of simple, silent mental exercises that involve no self-disclosure; even their first name is only needed and used as a matter of politeness. The exercises utilize a client’s own inherent energy.

The basic reason why the Mace Energy Method Counseling is entirely free of self- disclosure is because it handles CAUSE and not manifestation, which gives the body of knowledge its name, CAUSISM™.

Areas routinely eliminated by the counselling method are very importantly DEPRESSION and ADDICTIONS, plus Study Problems, Relationship problems and the Fears and Phobias which cause so much anguish for so many of us. Also addressed are Psychosomatic body problems, (experience has demonstrated that numerous body problems are indeed psychosomatic). Another action is the Activity Procedure, which eliminates any shortcomings in how a client operates in the various areas of their life.

The very first thing the counselling session does is to locate and eliminate the most negative aspect of a person’s life. Buried in their psyche, out of volitional control, it pervades their entire life, which why it is referred to as their RUIN. Thousands of case histories have all demonstrated that no one is immune from the phenomena. The extent to which it affects a person’s life of course varies, but it is unique for each individual.

Normally only two counselling sessions of 60 minutes is all that is needed to PERMANENTLY eliminate the negative aspects of a person’s life, leaving them optimistic, happy and very IMPORTANTLY, enjoying PEACE OF MIND!


Areas where The Mace Energy Method Session has proved to be Effective

About The Founder – John Mace

Having begun his life as a mariner, John Mace spent 50 years researching science and philosophy that underpins his method.

He investigated many alternative therapies and modalities and trained as a counsellor, but after 25 years of relying on the writings and research of others, he knew he hadn’t found the answers he sought.

The simplicity of spiritual awareness made John realise that if life itself is simple and uncomplicated, the real ‘cures’ for unhappiness must also be simple and uncomplicated.

His spiritual experiences made it clear to him that the high aesthetic qualities such as happiness, enthusiasm, love and honesty are inherently normal in all sentient beings. After another 20+ years, the Mace Energy Method had evolved and John began training students in 1998.

He is principal of The Head Training Academy in Perth, West Australia, where he also works as a Mace Energy Method Practitioner / Trainer

CAUSISM™ - Learn about the revolutionary new pathway to emotional strength and stability

Used by trained practitioners around the world, Causism™ is a powerful tool for emotional healing, that is having remarkable effects on people’s lives. In a total departure from conventional counselling, it does not involve any self-disclosure and requires only one or two therapy sessions which can even be carried out over telephone or skype.

In his compelling book, John Mace describes the revolutionary concept of Causism™ and its practical component, the Mace Energy Method, and explains how we unknowingly create negative identities that influence our thoughts, feelings, relationships, life activities and prevent us from obtaining our goals and dreams. He will also take readers on a journey of discovery and understanding, as they follow these concepts through to their logical and fascinating conclusions in how these hidden negative identities can be located and dis-created permanently.

Causism™ will truly change the course of people’s lives! And has a simple credo: No individual, group, or organisation, no matter how big and powerful has lien on knowledge. Knowledge belongs to all!

Based on years of research and experience, this simple but extraordinarily affective therapy allows people to regain control of their own lives and to experience a true sense of self. Not only does it put people back on the path to emotional and psychological health and eliminate the stress that underlines many physical health problems, it helps individuals attain increased self awareness, well-being and confidence.

“Some of the contents of this book were earlier published under a different the title, but further very important research has widened its scope, hence the need this edition.”

Discover the key to emotional health and well-being

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John Mace's eBook

Discover the key to emotional health and well-being

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The Mace Energy Method is an
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The cause of all emotional problems are negative identities, which we eliminate without spending any time in discussing their effects, as is done in conventional counselling.

The Mace Method helps you effect changes in minutes, not hours.

If you are not happy with your life, you can be. The Mace Method removes the negatives allowing your true self to emerge with all your potential at your disposal. It's easy and the results are permanent.

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Carl Ransom Rogers (1902-1987)

By being yourself you can actualize the very best in you. You are like no one else in the world. Simply being ourselves is our greatest potential.
We do not have to be great artists or scientists and contribute something worthwhile to be worthwhile.
By tapping our individuality, each of us can contribute as no one else can.
It sounds so easy.
to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else,
means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight, and never stops fighting