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Certainty of Self by John Mace
To be aware is to know and the ultimate level of knowingness concerns one’s self. The word self in this context refers to you as Being, not as a person. A person is a composite of Being, Body and Identities..........

Who is this Guy, John Mace? by John Mace
Science: Knowledge of facts and laws arranged in an orderly system. It is derived from the Latin scientia, knowledge and scire, to know. (World Book Dictionaries.) Scientist: A person who is trained in or is familiar with a science, physical or natural. (World Book Dictionaries)......

What is the Mace Energy Method? by John Mace
The Mace Energy Method™ (MEM) is the practical component of Causism™, a new body of knowledge, a new philosophy of life. Its name is derived from two Anglo- Saxon words: 1. Cause: To create an effect; to make things happen. 2. Ism: A doctrine, principal or system.....

The Enigma of the Mind Solved by John Mace
There is incredible confusion in the area of emotional health concerning the nature and role of the mind and also in fact, a deeper understanding of the role it plays in life itself. It is currently confused with the brain and the psyche (the spirit) in almost every area that addresses human behaviour and well-being........

Divorce Can Cause Accidental Child Abuse by John Avery
This is a must read for couples with children, who are divorcing or ending their relationship. As a counsellor with many years experience, I have been witness to the collateral damage to chil-dren in these circumstances. The point of this article is that couples can part without damaging the children or at the very least minimise it.......

A New Slant On Personal Productivity by John Avery
Imagine an effective, yet simple, straight forward method which is guaranteed to BOOST your Personal Productivity (success) in all areas of your life. It is available now. You can say goodbye to indecision, procrastination, frustration, stress and any other feeling that is stopping you getting things done, then be able to enjoy satisfaction and confidence.......

The Truth About Depression by John Mace
Depression is arguably the single most common malady affecting society today. Like the common cold it affects young and old, rich and poor, blue-collar workers and white-collar workers, labourers and executives and colour or creed is no barrier; all are depression’s potential victims......

The Power of Our Feelings by John Avery
Feelings control our lives, they control what we say or don’t say, also what we do or don’t do , feelings also affect our attitudes and all decisions we make, so they are very important to lives , hence we need to know more about them. Feelings can be positive or negative (unwanted), constructive or destructive......

Cause and Effect! by John Mace
To emphasise that scientific fact, it is irrefutable that nothing just happens, there is always something that causes it to happen and the basis of all causes is the application of a form of energy. In other words all changes, good, bad or indifferent, are caused by application of energy in some form.....

The Search for Emotional Health by John Mace
There is much historical data available concerning the handling of so-called “mental health” issues, which term is derived from the idea that the root cause of emotional problems lies in the issues, which term is derived from the idea that the root cause of emotional problems lies in the mind. The word “mental” is of course an English language expression coined in comparatively recent centuries......

Introduction to the Mace Method
by John Mace

Direct Download (mp3 | 0:20:32 | 8.23MB)

An audio introduction to the “MACE ENERGY METHOD ”and the power (positive energy) gained, by deleting “negative identities” from your life. First of 2 audio messages from John Mace’s book ENERGY OVER MIND, the latest version of this book is now titled” TURNING UPSETS INTO POSITIVE ENERGY”, Available now as an e book. Listen while, John Mace’s research, is explained,describing this new paradigm in emotion health and well-being.



How to Find Your Authentic Self Quickly and Easily
Sherre Hatfield radio interview with Charly and Connie

By Charly and Connie (stretchyourmindandbody.com/blog)

Direct Download (mp3 | 1:00:17 | 13.7MB)

It seems that the quest for happiness and fulfilment is as old as humanity itself. Happiness is a very subjective thing – it is a bit like the old cliché that one man’s food is another man’s (or woman’s) poison.

One Buddhist blessing contains the words “may all beings be happy”. The Self Help Industry is booming, lots of people are aware that something is amiss in their lives but they just don’t know what. We live in a time of unprecedented wealth and technological advances that even our parents wouldn’t have dreamt of – at least in the so called “developed world” – and yet there seems to be increased unhappiness and more suicides than ever before.

One intriguing healing method is called the MEM™ or Mace Energy Method™, named after Dr. Mace. It has been around in one form or another for close to 50 years but has only come to the forefront and into the public eye over the last 10 years. We talked to Sherrie Hatfield who has been practising MEM™ for a number of years.


Robert Rabbin - Real Time Speaking - "Conversations with Robyn"

From Robert Rabbin (realtimespeaking.com)

design: ELMD

Carl Ransom Rogers (1902-1987)

By being yourself you can actualize the very best in you. You are like no one else in the world. Simply being ourselves is our greatest potential.
We do not have to be great artists or scientists and contribute something worthwhile to be worthwhile.
By tapping our individuality, each of us can contribute as no one else can.
It sounds so easy.
to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else,
means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight, and never stops fighting

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