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Love & Relationships

Dear Sherrie,
I would like to thank you for your assistance in my MEM™ session. My work was becoming increasingly stressful, to the point where I was having relationship problems, health problems and sleep problems due to constantly thinking about work. Instantly, after eliminating the feelings of stress in my session, I also realised that work is not my whole life and is only a part of my life. I have also slept every night since the session. I made time with my wife and I have handled the demands of my role and job with more attention, more clarity and more calmness. Simply a-macing!
PS: I have to say, the non self disclosure and not having to talk about it was the greatest asset. From my old male attitude, I could finally address the stress and agitations in my life, and with only 2 sessions. I saved a lot of time, money and my relationship. Thank you again.
-Darren. H. Industries Supervisor, QLD

I have been at my job for over twenty years, but unfortunately had a work related accident, which injured my back; it took a few months before I could return to work. Even though back at work, the injury kept giving me problems, inhibiting my work capacity. After a while work mates and bosses turned on me accusing me of bludging, this caused me great stress. I felt the whole world was against me and I became very cranky, I even resorted to Valium for help. After one session of the Mace Method™ all the stress went. Now I just go to work do and enjoy my job. I no longer use Valium nor do I react to others comments. Also, I have not had a cranky day since. The big bonus is that when the stress feelings went my back stopped giving me problems.
- B Tamworth, NSW

As an example a case history comes to mind of a very qualified experienced nurse who came feeling very stressed and ready to resign her position. It appears the Matron of the hospital was very stressed and had the habit of unfairly picking on her staff, being very critical, nothing was ever good enough; the whole environment was negative and upset. A week or so after this nurse had her "Mace Method™" session, she rang back, very happy, her stress had gone. She reported that in the week after she had been here the Matron had not only not picked on her once, she had hardly spoken to her, leaving her free to once again enjoy her job. The nurse sad "I am not leaving my job because of her crankiness, that's her problem, I love my job."
- J, QLD

My introduction to the Mace Method™ came after the breakdown of my 2nd marriage.
At the time I was at a loss to know which way to turn. My working career of over 30 years, which involves to a large degree the approval and inspection of buildings and the subsequent dealings with the public, has also greatly affected my outlook on life in a negative way.
I still remember my first session and my scepticism as I sat there, thinking, what the hell am I doing here. Fortunately I somehow managed to keep an open mind and I now look back at that terrible time with a smile.
A great part of the procedure is the non self disclosure of your problems. There is simply no need to discuss your issues.
Your feelings are with you wherever you go, why not discreate the negative ones. I now enjoy my work and my relationships and most of all my life.
Thank you Brian for assisting me get back in charge of my life.
- G.K, Health and Safety Building Inspector, NSW

I was having trouble communicating with my boyfriend. We were arguing all the time. I was getting angry and frustrated and ready to leave. After my session I could not believe the peace I felt within myself. I no longer felt angry or frustrated about my boyfriend's behaviour. After only a couple of days I noticed we had not had one disagreement and we were communicating like when we first met. He even commented on my changes since my session. A week later my boyfriend booked a session for himself, as he could see and feel how happy I was within myself. We are now both enjoy ourselves and most of all our relationship.Thank you Sherrie it has changed our lives dramatically.
- Jane K



I am writing to express my heartfelt thanks for my recent telephone session. I am amazed at how my sense of absolute DESPAIR and DEPRESSION has been completely lifted and removed after your telephone session. One minute I was back in the very worst feelings in my life and half an hour later I was watching TV with my wife and feeling completely normal. Incidentally I had felt completely overwhelmed several days before I rang you and in the blackest space imaginable, thank you so much,
- B.D., Perth

™, but being sceptical, I decided to have a session. I was so surprised to find it was an emotional and head clearing experience. My attitude towards life, my job and family has changed. I no longer felt depressed with thoughts to end it all. I no longer react with anger to situations, nor do I find the need to drink as much or to gamble. It has turned my life around; I feel I am me again. Even close friends have noticed the turnaround. Being a very to myself man, I would not talk about my problems, I carried them inward. I found the non-disclosure of MEM™ a blessing. I did not have to mention my troubles, my private life or any person or incident. I strongly recommend MEM™ to all it really works. Thank you Sherrie, I am now more outgoing and happy in all areas of my life.
- Paul Bragg, NQ Site Supervisor for Constructions, QLD

I came home from work to find an empty home. My family was gone. I was overwhelmed with shock; I drank to bury the overwhelming feelings. I lost interest in my life and I could not go to work. I could not handle the overwhelming feelings of losing my family. A work mate told me about MEM™, I was so bad I had nothing more to lose. I cannot tell you how much it has changed my attitude. It was simply amazing to walk out of that one session with no overwhelming feelings and not tell my story. I feel more self respect and confident. I had not realized how down I was on myself and how it affected my work and relationships. I don’t feel clouded anymore, I think clearly. I am no longer negative about myself or my life. I am handling my situation with a whole new attitude. Even my mates have commented on my change. I am now rebuilding myself and my life ready to live my potential, something I had never seen before my session. Thank you Sherrie, it has changed my life more forever
- Mark.E Machine, Operator, QLD

I have been in the Building Industry now for 25 years, everything was great. I took on a mortgage, found myself a great partner and settled down and started a beautiful family. All was going well; I had just completed 4 years of renovations to my house when all of a sudden there was an economic downturn, and I had to move away from my family for 1 year for work.

We ended up moving from house to house for 6 years and then finally, I lost my house. During that time I had begun to fall into depression, not enough to the point of committing suicide, but just enough to think about it. Depression has affected me in more ways than one, I lost my cousin to it, a good friend and workmate through suicide, all without them never telling anyone something was wrong.

This now brings me to my Mace Session, because being a male in this world we tend to hold it all in and put on another identity to fool people. The Mace helped me to such a degree, relieving me of my messed up mind and helping me to eliminate all the negatives I had created in thinking it was all too much to live and survive - without any self disclosure.

I now have another house, have a mortgage and I am feeling great about myself and my life.

It helped me so much and with the personal loss of my mates, who didn’t know a way, I decided to become a Mace Method™ Practitioner to assist men at work.

Thank you to John Mace and Sherrie Hatfield for bringing Mace into to my life and my family’s lives.
- Robert Tichelaar, Project Defects Manager in Construction

A Policeman suffering post traumatic stress, who had not slept nightmare free for 2 years, the result of a shooting incident at work, he had even put a gun in his own mouth to end it all. He said on an International Website “One session of the Mace Method™ achieved what a long list of anti- psychotics and depressant drugs could not, I NOW SLEEP NIGHTMARE FREE. I once said I would sell my soul for one good night of sleep, I don't have to sell anything, I will be eternally grateful
- John

Stress & Anxiety


I am writing to let you know how the session you gave me has improved my life.
In the past fourteen years I have suffered from Stress, Anxiety and Panic attacks. These conditions have affected my life in many different ways. It affected my relationships with my children, my stepchildren and my wife. It also affected my social relationships; my work relationships and it diminished my chances of gaining meaningful employment, with the result that I was mainly unemployed for the greater part of the last fourteen years.
During that period I sought help from doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, counsellors, groups, medication and also 7 weeks in a clinic. This seeking of help came at a great financial burden to my wife and myself.
I hope this letter in some way explains how my life has changed and how grateful I feel towards you for helping me.

- Reginald

Ending The Effects of Abuse

I found that in my relationships, whether it was of an intimate nature, friendships or family, my belief was, if I make everyone else happy, it would result in my happiness. I feared what everyone thought of me, so I avoided confrontation, therefore never speaking up on what was important to me. I found myself settling for less than what I deep down knew I deserved. I had felt for years that I wasn’t worthy enough of what I really wanted.

Through a series of Mace sessions, I was able to finally see these feelings for what they really were………….. Not ME, but a negative identity I had unknowingly created. I found that the inner voice telling me all the dreams I had wanted, weren’t just wishful thinking, but was the real me, trying to break through all these negative identities.

Since my sessions, I have found that I am now able to freely communicate my beliefs and my values for my relationships. I am able to approach and be more involved in my relationships. I now express my feelings, without the fear of the negative emotions that were apart of the identities. My confidence, in myself and what I want has definitely shown, and has been noticed by not only people close to me, but also by people at work and distant friends. I found me and with that came the happiness I was looking for and I am using that to develop and create the happy relationships I deserve.
- Sharnee, QLD


Negative thoughts, feelings, and actions consumed my life, almost too self destruction. After trying everything to get my life back on track, I was pointed in the direction of Sherrie Hatfield and the Mace Method™. After one session, I was left feeling lighter, wider awake, and standing taller than ever before. I have been able to finally eliminate the negative feelings around the concerning issues that were plaguing and running my life. I have continued forward feeling better about myself and creating happier relationships. I know have the knowledge, that I am not my negative thoughts and feelings and I do not have to live with them.
- Damie, QLD

From a lady who had been sexually abused from age three to eight years of age. All my life I felt guilty and as a result I thought I had to pretend to be whatever others wanted me to be. After my "Mace Method™" session, I felt light and free and all my guilt feelings were gone. I regained the lovely feeling of innocence. Before my session I kept my body covered, long sleeve dresses etc. Now I wear what I like. I am not inhibited in any way. The" Mace Method™" is the best thing I have ever done. I am free to be me now." -
- Fay, QLD

I was going through the family law courts with my daughter. The whole experience left me feeling angry, confused, upset, and lost. I felt I couldn’t help my daughter. I was then introduced to the Mace Method™ and after two sessions it helped me instantly eliminate all of the above unwanted feelings that were taking me over. I was left with feeling innately calmer and stronger in myself, which in turn allowed me to feel stronger in my situation as well as stronger to stand up for mine and my daughters rights. I am more in charge of the situation now and I no longer react. When dealing with the people involved, I have no unwanted feelings clouding my judgement. My daughter is also happier, as she no longer is sensing those negative vibes I would try to hide from her. Thank you for assisting me, find the real me and positively move forward.
- Jade, QLD

This is my testimony. Some may be offended by it and others will love it as I speak with passion and open my heart to tell my story.

When I first came into contact with The Mace Energy Method™ I had no idea how greatly it would impact my life. I had no idea it would take away my problem with alcohol, I had no idea it would make me so strong that I would not need to be co-dependent on anyone anymore. I had no idea that it would change my life for the better. After I had my first Mace session my whole life's problems began to unwind. I lost my children and had so much sadness. I did not even know that is why I drank alcohol from morning till night everyday for years. The grief was eliminated by Sherrie Hatfield a MEM™ Practitioner / Trainer, and a wonderful woman who doesn't even know for one minute, how much she helped me.

I continued having more MEM™ sessions and from my last session, suddenly I stopped drinking. I didn't have a drink for 3 weeks, I became very puzzled and embarrassed at the thought of admitting it to Sherrie, as with the non self disclosure of MEM™, I had never shared this with her from the beginning. So I held in the knowledge of what was happening for another 3 weeks without telling her, just to make sure this was really happening.

It was as if a huge veil had been removed, as though I had been delivered from an addiction that made me feel unloved by everybody. Finally I admitted it to Sherrie and we laughed raucously from being happy that it worked without even handling addictions. After that, I phoned John Mace and told him what had happened to me, and he kindly enlightened me, that I was now in control of my life and that alcohol was no longer controlling me!

All I can say is, that I am so grateful to him and to Sherrie for a mighty powerful tool that changed my life for the better. This led me, to want to become a Mace Practitioner and train with Sherrie, so that I could likewise assist others, using the greatest tool to ever help anyone on this planet. Thank you Mr. Mace and thank you Mrs. Hatfield

- L.S, QLD

I am writing to you to share with you the results of our sessions so far.
Firstly I am relieved of a more recent addiction, that of Gambling. This problem caused so many other stresses and upsets in my life and I could never understand why I continued to do the very thing that was causing so much financial hardship, guilt and grief. After only one session, that problem has disappeared. Or should I say discreated.
Over the last month so much of my life has improved enormously, I am happier, healthier and enjoying all my relationships more and even seeing people through different eyes. I realised the other day that I am even sleeping really well now and have more energy to perform my tasks during the day. I wake up with a great attitude.This technology is amazing, I am so glad that you made it available to me. Thank you John
With Love,
- AM

Learning Difficulties

When asked to write anything, whether at home, school or with his tutor, Jake would resist and complain, as well as behave differently. He would lose focus and attention and then get irritable. In other areas of his learning, he was attentive and joined in happily.

As his tutor, I told his mother about MEM™ and how it had assisted other children with learning difficulties. Jake agreed to have a session. After his session with Sherrie, he was brighter and happier. I then asked him to write a letter to thank Sherrie and he happily got a piece of paper and wrote a beautiful thank you letter. I was so surprised by his eager and happy response. He had no hesitation, nor any of the old behaviours. What was more of a surprise to me, was Jake, was holding his pencil correctly. This had been one of the major difficulties, he was experiencing, as part of his learning to write. When his mother arrived, Jake was very proud in telling and showing her what he had written. His change in behaviour whilst having to write was noticed instantly at school and at home and Jake now happily continues to write with ease and eagerness, and as I like to say, with humorous expression. Thank you Sherrie and I truly believe, MEM™ needs to be in every school.
- Tanya, Teacher and Tutor

I had a mace session with Sherrie and I felt really good afterwards. I thought I was dumb and not as smart as my brother. I was having troubles with other girls at school too. After my session, I felt really positive about me and could not even say I was dumb anymore. I could see how me thinking that, was stopping me from doing my work. I realised I was smart and I had different smarts than my brother. Also, I knew I could walk away from the people who were not my real friends without feeling any bad feelings.
- Samatha, QLD

I was feeling angry all the time and was getting into trouble at home and school. I was fighting and stealing.
I had a session with Sherrie and it was amazing how good I felt. I felt relaxed and I felt lots of potential.
I couldn't feel angry anymore, I just felt lighter and a whole lot more positive about myself.
- Andrew, QLD
*** Andrew left school not long after and got an apprenticeship, he is now earning his own money and paying his own way. He told me, he feels more in charge of his life now.

His mother brought him for a chat about how manybe a MEM™ session could help him. He did not want to talk about what was happening for him… I told him, he did not have to tell me anything about his personal life and I just shared with him how MEM™ will assist him if he wanted it to and that we do not advise or counsel because ‘you’ know ‘you’ better than anybody. After a 10 min chat he said “Yes I want to do it”

After his session he said “Sherrie I feel much stronger and better now and I can see that I was playing with fire to try to get out my built up stress and bad feelings”. Fire isn't bad, it was how I was using it. I don’t need do that now and I understand what the firemen was trying to tell me. When I asked him about he felt about his friends now, that he was having trouble with, he said “I’m just gonna hang around the ones that like me for me.”

Words from the mouths of babes - Children have their own inherent knowing. Only negative emotions that become negative identities / behaviours, where controlling this young teenager.
After one MEM™ session he is now back in charge of himself. Never underestimate the knowing of any child or any person
- Anon


Subject: 14-year-old girl. Was diagnosed with Smith – Maginnis Syndrome when 8 weeks old. This is a developmental disorder that affects many parts of the body. The major features of this condition include mild to moderate retardation, autism, obsessive-compulsive disorder, distinctive facial features, sleep disturbances and behavioural problems.

Chantelle’s Behavioural problems: Tantrums, self-injury, compulsive behaviours, screams in sleep, needs mothers constant attention, no interest in self care, aggressive behaviours at home and teachers at school.

Surrogate: Mother
Practitioner: Sherrie Hatfield
Time taken: 20 mins.

Dear Sherrie, it has now been three weeks after our surrogacy and I wish to share the following with you. Chantelle has not since that day of the surrogacy, had one night of screaming or yelling out in her sleep. She no longer persists with obsessive intense questioning, if she asks for something and I says “no” Chantelle calmly responds with “OK” and moves to doing something else. In the past, such a ‘no’ would cause an intense tantrum unless her attention was re-directed very quickly.

Chantelle for all her life has constantly demanded my attention, but for the last three weeks she has been self directing herself more and more involved in her own play. She is also playing with her toys, without pulling them apart or breaking them, which has been a part of the syndrome.

Chantelle has had not had any severe tantrums at school or at home these past weeks and there have been a lot of comments by teachers at the school about her changed behaviour.

Chantelle has also taken more interest in herself and her self-care. She asked to bath herself the next morning after our session and she wanted to do her own hair. I was so surprised! I thought I was dreaming. She is also showing a greater interest in choosing and dressing herself. She is also more settled in herself and is communicating with a greater calmness in expressing her ideas, needs and wants. Chantelle’s face even looks calmer and her social interactions are more interactive now and not so aggressive, especially with her father. Chantelle’s behavioural changes have been so noticeable that many family and friends are asking me what have I been doing.

I can’t thank you enough Sherrie for this amazing gift MEM™ has given us. MEM™ surrogacy has been life changing for my daughter and us all. I never ever thought the day would come where Chantelle did not need my full attention, I never thought the day would come where I would be able to have a bath and do things for myself without Chantelle constantly at my side. I never thought Chantelle would ever be able to do some of things she is now doing. I did find myself waiting for it to change back after a week, however, it is now three weeks on and Chantelle is still self caring, self initiating and just blossoming in her own sense of self at home and at school. She was even awarded the role of a senior carer at her school. She is a changed girl and life has changed dramatically for all of us as a family.... Please thank John Mace for me too. His work has changed our world. It has given us such a new lease of life.

Forever Grateful
- Michelle Lynch
****Michelle is now a trained Advanced MEM™ Practitioner. Her passion is to assist other parents and children with disabilities.

Subject: 4 year old boy “Being a bully around other boys”. Phone session.
Surrogate: Mother
Practitioner: John Avery
Time Taken: 5 minutes
Results: Mother’s report. “Just amazing with [subject]. The following Tuesday at football practice he did really well lining up with all the boys. After practice he continued playing with his new friends (new that day!) without any anger or bullying. Had his first match on Saturday just gone – hysterically funny – and the same improvements, I noticed he joined in without having to ‘assert’ his place, joined in without any aggression with his teammates. At the end of this semester I would love to do more for him with you. I am so impressed with the change. He is ‘lighter’. He has always been a very funny boy with a great sense of humour. Since that session, the humour is what dominates his personality. I have also noticed a dramatic shift in him not being as angry at me when I discipline. How fantastic is that!
- Anon

Life Purpose, Goals & Dreams

Having found my basic purpose at last has really opened up the universe for me.
It explains so much about self, why I have been doing certain actions, having certain beliefs
and frustrations. Each time I feel and look at my session with John, I find I tingle and bubble all over, cannot stop smiling and laughing. In fact I float. I know where Iʼm at and where I'm heading.What else can I say. So thank you John, so much.
- Val

Having experienced the "Life's Purpose" service I experienced a big expansion.
This surprised me, pleasantly so, as I was already very expanded.
Also, having identified my Life's purpose I felt I could align many areas of my life giving me a much greater clarity of focus. It also explained a lot about what I've been doing in my life and where I'm going with my life. Many thanks John for coming up with this service.
- Greg

I have reached many of my personal goals and dreams, however, I still felt there was something more, trying to surface, wanting to express. I had a life purpose MEM™ session and I could not believe how I effortlessly I found my greater desire or purpose. It gave me an incredible awareness in how it had been behind all I had done in my life and I had a greater understanding of my life. I experienced my true passion, drive, intent, purpose all at once. I now know what those terms really mean for me and not someone elses meaning or ideas about them. I am now allowing my greater dreams and goals to express with the new adventures I have begun. It has made it all so simple.

Health Issues and Pyschosamtics

I would like to thank you very much for the help you have given me to have control of my life. Before I had a "Mace Energy Method™" session with you I was in pain every day with Fibromyalgia Syndrome, Arthritis & Chronic headaches, with some days worse than others. I often got very down and depressed about the pain that was there all the time, it never let up, just burning pain all over my body. It was very debilitating at times, mainly from the Fibromyalgia, which I have suffered from for approx 8 yrs.

I was taking a very strong prescription pain killer called Tramadol, the strongest available is 200 mg, I took the maximum dose every day and now thanks to you and your amazing method I am slowly cutting down on them. As they a Narcotic I have to slowly wean my body off them.

After my sessions with you I feel more alive and aware ! I have not felt so light for many years, it was though all that I had suffered in my life since childhood had been weighing me down which happens to be a major symptom of Fibromyalgia Syndrome, it was like someone was poring wet cement all over my body. I have not felt this since my sessions !! I am over the moon. I also feel that because I don't feel weighed down with negative emotions I feel much taller, I feel I want to live life again and with this a great deal of extreme happiness.

Thank you John for assisting me to be in control of my life and live my own dreams.
Kind regards,
- Noelle

Dear John, I am writing to thank you firstly for giving me my life back.As you know when you met me first approximately 3 weeks ago at Christmas 2005, I was in a very sorry state.

I suffered from two terminal illnesses, Raynaud's Disease and Scleroderma. Raynaud's Disease means your blood does not circulate to the ends of your fingertips and toes. Severe attacks lead to gangrene to which I lost my fingertips. Scleroderma means hardening of the skin (like a callous). It also affects the internal organs causing them to harden.

Both of these diseases, until now had no known cause or cure. Each day I look at my hands and feet in absolute awe! Instead of being black (from lack of circulation) I now have pink hands and feet.I also suffered from severe back and leg pain. Not only has this completely disappeared but, so has my previous terminal illnesses.

With your Mace Method™ I am getting my quality of life back on course and this is all in a matter of weeks. For 20 years I have been sick, depressed and living with no quality of life at all.You John have given me hope, optimism and "Health". In February next month I will be 56 years of age and I am really looking forward to reaching my 100th Birthday. Thank you again John and I am very pleased to offer this testimonial and am willing to talk directly with anyone you may refer as you have my phone no: and E-mail address.

Yours Sincerely,
- Bob Hedditch


I want to compliment you on your research and work. Your explanations concerning negative identities and their subsequent handling is to my knowledge and understanding a most creative “roundup” (roundup is not the correct word, but I cannot find a better one) of Freud and Fritz Perls’s writings, teachings, systems and theories. The difference is that you not only round them up, but have finally found a way of dealing with and collapsing those problems they write about – in a very user friendly and most effective manner. Of course the difference is also that you have introduced the concept of Beings and Energy into the summation of the earlier ideas of the purely psychological viewpoints of the others – which makes the Mace Energy Method™ unique and really, really helpful.

I studied Psychology for nine years at a university, which puts its emphasis on Behavioural Therapy and Psychodynamics. I also studied Gestalt Therapy at the Fritz Perls’ Institute in Germany, have studied EMDR and gone into Gallo’s EDxTM, EFT, REMAP and have worked as a psychotherapist in all these methods for fifteen years, so know what I am talking about when I say that MEM™ is really, really a solution to most, if not all
the issues a psychotherapist gets “troubled with” in his or her own practice.

To me its beauty lies not only in its simplicity, but also to an enormous degree in the fact that there is no self-disclosure – something that is of invaluable service to the practitioner’s health.

When the student is ready the teacher will appear” – thankyou for appearing at just the right moment!

Since writing a couple of days ago, it has occurred to me that I need to elaborateon and explain how important your method really is for a practitioner’s own health. So many psychotherapists/ psychologists - most of the time the most dedicated ones - get traumatized by the horrible stories their patients or clients tell them - like it happened to myself to such a degree that I felt I never ever wanted to work as a Psychologist anymore.

I am fully aware that this only happens to those who have their own issues - but most psychotherapists/ psychologists are in one way or another somehow impaired by their own life history, which leaves them very vulnerable to client’s dreadful stories.What is worse, talking about their problems does not really help the client - as is the case with trauma - talking about it only makes matters worse. If more of us did learn the Mace Energy Method™, wouldn’t that be nice? With the help you have given me I do not dread working with patients anymore and really look forward to it.

Experiencing the miracles of getting better every time I receive a handling makes me more convinced of the validity of your research and I am much looking forward to exploring its boundaries - if there are any and I bet your answer will be: there are almost none...

Thank you John so very much
- Martina

I am very proud to now call myself a Mace Energy Method™ Practitioner and I owe that completely to Sherrie Hatfield. It was through Sherrie that I have gained a great respect for the work of John Mace and through many discussions, sessions and training I now feel I have a great understanding of this incredible way of viewing and understanding my world.

The application of the Mace principles in my daily life has been life changing. Sherrie not only taught me these principles in the training sessions, I learnt much of it through observing Sherrie in the way she moves through her life and the way she speaks, thinks and responds. Sherrie lives the principles, so her teaching comes across easily and naturally.

I appreciated the flexibility Sherrie gave me throughout my training. She understands when life takes over, and she allowed me to integrate the principles into not only my life as it is now, but how it relates to all that I thought I knew.My life was turned upside down and inside out as all the understanding I believed I had was rung out, squeezed and shaken. She has patiently waited as I came to see many things in new light, in a new way, in my way. The support. love and understanding Sherrie gave me was like no other training I have ever experienced. I could not have asked for more. She was always there for me as I asked untold questions and faced and dis-created the many identities I had created.

I have no suggestions to Sherrie as to how she could train better. Sherrie is a Master Trainer, she has done her learning and experiencing - she knows what she knows.The wisdom Sherrie shares goes above and beyond the call of the 'normal' trainer.My respect for Sherrie only deepens with every conversation I have with her. I can't thank her enough for all she has shared with me and allowed me to experience and come to know for myself.

Thank you Sherrie
- Susanne Rosemond

Hi Sherrie, Thank you for all the extra effort you gave me throughout my (our) journey of training me to become a Mace Method™ Practitioner. I have thoroughly enjoyed our time together, especially after the tough times that became happy times through the dis creation of identities that restricted my training. I am now excited about assisting others, especially men in my industry, as a MEM™ practitioner in a way you and the mace method assisted me. I also look forward to future training as a trainer myself.
- Robert Tichelaar

In coming towards retirement from my professional life in the fields of mangement, customer care, training, in the areas of conflict resolution, problem solving and communications, I wanted to find a way to continue assisting people through what I found was to be a common problem for people in all the fields I was working. Most problems stemmed from low self esteem, communication breakdown, relationship problems (home and work) and negative thoughts and feeling about one's self and or performance.
Moving through this personal passage and change in my own life I discovered the Mace Energy Method™.
I personally booked in for a session as I had just finished my professional career and was feeling an emptiness and a ending. After one and half hours I understood what was creating the common problem I had been seeing in my fields of work. My own included. It could see instantly, how it would handle many of the issues people encounter that hinder creativity, productivity, happiness and successful people management within the work place.

I would like to thank you Sherrie for your professional manner and ethics during my training in The Mace Energy Method™. Your expertise and knowledge, as well as running the learning difficulites MEM™ section, was readily shared with me and this made my learning so much easier, which in turn, made it most enjoyable. Thank you for your time and especially for your patience and for being there for me every step of the way. It was a pleasure to work with you and I know I will be a successful Mace Energy Method™ Practitioner. It is a rewarding journey hearing the life changes of my clients using my new skills in the Mace Method™. I know now, with this simple Mace Energy Method™, that I can assist people change their own lives so they can live it fully at home and work. Thank you again Sherrie, for training me in using John Mace's wonderful gift to all.
- Lynn Bragg

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Carl Ransom Rogers (1902-1987)

By being yourself you can actualize the very best in you. You are like no one else in the world. Simply being ourselves is our greatest potential.
We do not have to be great artists or scientists and contribute something worthwhile to be worthwhile.
By tapping our individuality, each of us can contribute as no one else can.
It sounds so easy.
to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else,
means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight, and never stops fighting