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Confidence is a Choice!
Reclaiming Your Power to Speak and Be Heard!

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In speaking, whether in a one-to-one situation, at a social or networking event, in a class or staff meeting, or on a stage in front of 5,000 people, a lack of confidence will always undermine our credibility. No one will listen to a timid, tentative speaker. Not having, or losing, confidence can sabotage anyone. There always seems to be a threshold past which we collapse inside of ourselves, crippled by anxiety, doubt, or fear. Without confidence, you won't speak up; you won't be heard. You won't participate. The opportunity of that moment is lost forever. How often has this happened in your life?

Confidence is essential and it is a choice! If you want the unshakeable confidence to say anything to anyone, anywhere and at any time - and be heard! - then register for the RealTime Speaking Intensive. You will absolutely reclaim your power to speak and be heard!

This workshop is for everyone who wants to authentically and powerfully express themselves to others, and to be heard and considered. Participants will learn:

  • vulnerability is the safest strategy
  • how to convert judgment to opinion
  • how to dissolve fear-based inhibitions
  • to access their innate expressive power
  • the source of doubt and self-suppression
  • how to create personal and portable safety
  • to revise history by "pushing the bully back"
  • explore and experience the energy of taboos
  • to be comfortable in seeing and being seen
  • and much more!

YOU Are the Message!

Speaking with Credibility, Confidence, and Connection

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Making noises with our mouth is not speaking! Speaking well, both verbally and nonverbally, is a skill and art. This flagship one-day intensive learning experience gives you the philosophy, principles, and practices to help you speak in a compelling, confident, and credible manner - every time, all the time. You will learn to impact your audience consciously and purposefully with the power of your presence.

When we speak to people, we need to establish our credibility before we can influence our listeners. People want to know who you are. They want to believe in your motives, intentions, and character; in the story you tell about who you are and what you intend to do. If people do not find you credible, they will not listen to you, they will not trust you, and they will not allow you to influence them. Delivering your message in an authentic and credible manner will inspire your audiences to trust you.

"YOU Are the Message!" focuses on authenticity and credibility in self-expression, and how to make a real-time connection with your audience. You will learn to identify and use behaviors that communicate YOU and your message with clarity and power.

The themes of this intensive experience include:

  • the power of silence
  • appreciating your natural style
  • five RealTime Speaking principles
  • comfort with seeing and being seen
  • dissolving nervousness and stage-fright
  • aligning verbal and nonverbal messages
  • authentic connection with your audience
  • effective use of your speaking instrument
  • trusting spontaneity and thinking on your feet
  • and much more!

Participants have numerous opportunities to speak "on camera" and to receive expert coaching and feedback of videotaped presentations, which provides powerful learning and immediate improvement in RealTime Speaking principles and practices.

MEM™ Certificate —Practitioner Training

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There are two levels of practitioner training;

- MEM™ Level II—Certified MEM™ Practitioner
- MEM™ Level III—Advanced MEM™ Practitioner

Level II trains students on the principles and theories of Causism™, including the chronological development of the Mace Method™. It includes all the basic skills needed to locate all negative identities and assist the client to discreate them.

Level III provides advanced techniques for the MEM™ Practitioner.

For more information, please check out the MEM™ Practitioner Page

To come to a free preview and talk about this course (What is the Mace Energy Method™ and how can it assist you, your family or your work), please visit our calendar page.

The Simple Power of Rapport

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Do you want to create more meaningful and successful relationships, at home, work/ business and socially? Have you ever wondered why we connect with some people, almost instantly, and not others? How valuable would it be in your life to be one of the former, at will and by choice?

Then you are ready to DISCOVER and action the simple power of RAPPORT.

This course is limited to eight people only. There are 6 classes, each two and half (2½) hrs, held one day or evening per week. All classes must be attended, so please do not register if you cannot attend all 6 classes. In this unique, fun and interactive course, participants, partner with another and practice 5 simple actions. The value of this course lays in the experience of you actioning, then knowing for yourself, that the first ingredient to successful and meaningful relationships, whether in business, parenting, teaching, educating, coaching, counselling, managing, promoting, negotiating, sales, or marketing, is RAPPORT.

You do not need scripts, complicated routines, or tricks.

Results in Actioning Rapport

  • A greater understanding of yourself and the people you deal with at home, work and socially.
  • Experience deeper connections with all your family, friends and colleagues
  • Connection with your clients or your workmates instantly and successfully – increasing referrals and collaboration.
  • Feel confident in speaking your truth.
  • Feel comfortable and really enjoy your social life.
  • Increase your confidence, do great job interviews
  • Overcome shyness and be a participant, a player in life.
  • Know how and why rapport creates a genuine connection between two people.

To attend our free preview of this course, please visit our calendar

If you would like a free preview of this course at your business, school, or social group, please feel free to contact me


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Carl Ransom Rogers (1902-1987)

By being yourself you can actualize the very best in you. You are like no one else in the world. Simply being ourselves is our greatest potential.
We do not have to be great artists or scientists and contribute something worthwhile to be worthwhile.
By tapping our individuality, each of us can contribute as no one else can.
It sounds so easy.
to be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else,
means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight, and never stops fighting

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